Fun & Safety

History of things 
Started 2021

Did you know that cellphones kill cows?

145 x 95 x 10 cm, 4c screenprint on leather, sponge, unique piece

First crush

4c screenprint on paper, graphit drawing,
70 x 100 cm, 2021, unique piece


110 x 80 x 40 cm, CYMK screenprint on linen,
wood, 2021, unique piece

Afternoon Care

63 x 43 cm, 4c screenprint on paper, graphit drawing,
2021, unique piece


63 x 43 cm, 4c screenprint on paper, graphit drawing,
2021, unique piece
Exercise me
Volume 2

Screen print on leather, sponge, wood, buttons
170 x 90 x 10 cm

4c Screenprint on Frotee  fabric, 30 x 55 cm, unique piece

The everyday objects that surround us are judged by their utility, personal taste and function. We live in a landscape of objects that are supposed to make our lives easier and try to adapt our living space to our needs. The sofa in the corner, the table and the armchairs chosen to go with it - we design our living space individually. We know these peculiarities of our furniture because we transform it through living with them. The longer we use them, the more they become the stage set – the backdrop of our memories. Over time, our furnishings change.

Often these everyday objects are dumped and left on the street. Marked by their anonymous use, they tell their own story and become a private reflection of our society. Like an inner monologue, the intimacy and identity of the persona inherent in these objects is created by the discarded memories of their former owners.