Diplom 2019, Klasse Grafik & Druckgrafik
Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien

I‘ve only ever seen the factory from a distance. It is ubiquitous on the horizon. The city that surrounds it, was built especially for the complex. The more I go in, the more my way of using my sketchbook changes. All buildings of the mill have their specific purpose and form station in a long successive chain. I can‘t tell where the floor ends and the factory begins anymore. Nevertheless, this zone is a self-contained system, completely independent of anything outside.

My notes outline the topography of this place, forming a sequence of structures and collected impressions. The drawing is not devoted to a lifelike representation. The connection of the individual fragments creates the drawing. The only thing that remains is its unidentified surface. According to Marc Augé, a place emerges as soon as it is identified as such. In the absence of any identification, the anonymous architecture creates its own space. A non-place. The conceptualized forms of the buildings and their impact on the environment become an independent landscape.
Ausstellungsansicht Heiligerkreuzer Hof

Notebook drawings, 30 x 40 cm, graphit and charcole on paper

Gagarin’s breakfast, verschweißte Deckenstützen, Eisen, Lack, adjustierbar von 1,5m–2,3m, Dimension variabel