Kartographie eines Nicht-Ortes

45 x 90 cm, 7 windows, wire, acryl paint, Dimension variabel

The installation consists of seven designated windows that hang freely in the room. Completely colored, they are divided into two sides. The outside forms a drawing that runs coherently across all sections. The back of the windows is black and divided with a white grid. They hang at different distances from each other in a wedge shape and position the supposed center of the card at the forefront. The installation is opaque and creates an interior and exterior. Deprived of their original function, the window sashes form a transition. Geographical spaces formed by points, lines and areas form a readable but not identifiable map. The composition of the graphical interface shifts depending on the viewing angle. The drawings form the topographical description of a threshold, an intermediate area that cannot be located.

Text by Angelika Starkl